“Garden of Thoughts” is an acoustic ballad, accompanied by piano and birds’ singing. In this song Valerie opens up about feeling lonely and missing the person she loves.

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The official video of the track “Garden Thoughts” shows her delicate vocals and the well-built and refined melodies of the sound.

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Valerie believes that lyrics is truly a heart of the song, that’s why she aims to be honest with her audience.

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Something that we all want more of. Something that we are desperately short of. Something that will supposedly makes us happier, in the short term. Valerie Warntz’s sound is unique to say the least. We think it’s that brain of her’s that is significantly talented.


Ca$h is a track from talented singer-songwriter Valerie Warntz and it sounds amazing. I really like the quirky melodies which create an innovative soundscape. Moreover, Valerie's vocal performance is grandiose, she knows to capture attention until the last second. Furthermore, the unique rhythms are as expected very groovy!


Ca$h is a synth-pop track, followed by music video, filmed in style of retro glamour. In this song Valerie talks about simple pleasures and luxury life, especially the power of money.

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Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the  track “Ca$h” which is different from the previous song [Garden of Thoughts] with less intimate textures and persistent rhythms.

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“4 AM,” a track that sees the singer-songwriter exploring different melodies to perfection while adding some of the great emotional undertones that fans have come to both love and expect.

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I really like the uplifting melodies which have steady focus. Moreover, Valerie's vocal performance is sublime, she knows to capture attention until the last second. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic chorus!


The song sounds like the aftermath of the initial inner turmoil and you’re just contemplating what to do from here and if it’s all worth salvaging but knowing, as much as you don’t want to admit it to yourself, despite the comforts you’ve enjoyed, that it’s over. 

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With a beat worthy of Hall & Oates, Warntz’ voice sounds surprisingly jaunty for the somber messaging. Its a little heartbreaking while also being poppy and catchy.

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I’m drawn towards the unique vocals of Warntz, who can switch between vulnerable and hurting and strong/uplifting in an instant. The track contains an awesome percussive concept along the very defensive synth backing. But nevertheless what really stands out are those vocals. Seriously, a break-up never sounded so good.

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“We Will Never Be Together” features angelic vocals over a beautiful and exciting music that features catchy tunes and colorful melody. Valerie has a wonderful and beautiful voice that probably will get stuck in your head and it’s giving this record an undeniable catchiness.

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“We Will Never Be Together,” a song that perfectly blends the somewhat tragic lyrics about relationships with very upbeat and catchy melodies.

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