21 years old singer-songwriter, Valerie Warntz, has been musically inclined since childhood. Being inspired by Fergie, she entered local school of arts at the age of 9, where studied sol-fa, guitar and piano playing, as well as travelled over the Europe with orchestra. As told by Valerie, these knowledge and touring experience play a big role in her DIY music career. In 2010 and 2012, Valerie attempted twice to build a band in her hometown, but this idea didn’t work out. In 2015, being inspired by her favorite artist Lana Del Rey, the singer wrote her first song, I Don’t Love You Anymore, which recieved some recognition over YouTube and Spotify, and started pursuing solo career. After releasing 2 EPs: The Xmas Story (2017), Crazy Dreams (2018) and 2 music videos on VEVO, Valerie is back with new song Garden of Thoughts, which is a single from upcoming album Revelation, expected to be released late 2019.

Valerie confesses that in the hard times of her life music was always with her, while nobody else was around. She believes that lyrics is truly a heart of the song, that’s why she aims to be honest with her audience. Join the journey.